Did you know that the first Scratch Card was invented in 1974 by two Americans, John Koza and Daniel Bower, who worked for Scientific Games (now Light & Wonder)? That’s longer than home computers have been around but centuries (if not ) millennia after other forms of gaming like lotto betting were first invented. That’s a surreal fact to know. And why did they invent it? Unlike lotto results (which could take upwards of two weeks back in the 1970s), Scratch Cards results took mere minutes. And that is still part of their appeal today.

Scratch Cards have come a long way since the mid-70s and are now considered a core vital of the gaming experience. The core fundamentals of how they work haven’t changed. You scratch away at a piece of foil to reveal a hidden symbol. Match a certain number of symbols, and you win a prize. Prices are relatively low compared to the prize amounts on offer. Scratch Cards also come in different themes and colours. But the move to the online space and the ‘Evolution of Online Scratch Cards‘ has exploded their potential and popularity. Here are a few reasons why.

Accessibility = online Scratch Cards provide easy access to a wide range of games anywhere from several devices such as desktop PCs, smartphones, and tablets without visiting a local Scratch Card retailer. The only requirement is an internet connection.

More interactive experience = the advances in digital technology have made the experience of playing Scratch Cards online even more appealing and engaging in areas such as graphics, animations, and sound effects while replicating the excitement of scratching off a physical card without needing a coin to peel off the coating! Additionally, RNGs (Random Number Generators) ensure fair play.

Instant gratification = Just like physical Scratch Cards, players can find out if they’ve won or not almost instantaneously, basically the amount of time it takes you to scratch off the virtual coating; minutes, if that.

Variety = online Scratch Cards offer an extensive selection of themes, designs and prize structures. Within this, online casinos can offer an exclusive range of Scratch Cards based around original and diverse themes, designs and prizes not available anywhere else, such as Lottomart’s bespoke Cash Factor series. These Scratch Cards (comprising just a sample of the range of cards on-site) feature unique themes and prizes. All are available instantly.

What is a Cash Factor Scratch Card?

Cash Factor Scratch Cards are one in a series of cards we offer at Lottomart. The emphasis is on the bling-bling concept. Cash Factor Scratch Cards are designed with simplicity regarding themes, symbols and gameplay. Everything regarding the Cash Factor cards is intuitive and familiar for maximum engagement and enjoyment.

How Do Cash Factor Scratch Cards Work?

Online Scratch Cards work similarly to traditional physical cards but in a digital format. First, you select the Scratch Card you want to play. Each card may have a different theme, design, prize amounts and rules. Typically, you can buy individual cards or packs at a discounted price. Also, the larger the prize amount, the more expensive the cards tend to be. Purchase the preferred Scratch Card, and you’ll see a digital representation on your screen. You’ll also see a covered area with symbols or numbers underneath. The scratch mechanism may vary but typically involves virtually removing the coating from the covered area using a mouse cursor or finger on a device with a touchscreen. This gradually reveals hidden symbols or numbers. The game then determines whether a prize has been won, usually via an algorithm that calculates the outcome based on the revealed symbols or numbers. Said prize is then credited to your account, although you may have to go through a series of checks and balances before the money enters your account.

Lottomart’s Cash Factor Scratch Cards work in a similar way. The objective is to scratch the coating. Doing so in Cash Factor cards requires matching 3 symbols. A key difference is that at Lotomart, scratching can be done manually or automatically. To scratch manually, press, hold, or swipe until the coating gets removed and all the symbols are visible. You can also shake your device on a mobile platform. Alternatively, you can select “Reveal all” to clear the coating and reveal all the symbols. The process of automatically revealing symbols is even easier. Just set auto scratch to on and press start to start the process. The symbols on each purchased card get automatically revealed along with the results. The process automatically moves on to the next card unless you stop it. Match 3 symbols, and you win a prize; this is shown immediately below the matching symbols. Winning symbols also light up in colour. All Cash Factor Scratch Cards work in the same way. The only changes are the price and prize amounts of each card.

What Are The Different Types of Cash Factor Scratch Cards?

Lottomart offers four Cash Factor Scratch Cards, each with different prices and prizes, from £1K to £100K. Let’s take a look:

Cash Factor 1K = individual cards start at just 10p for a potential top £1000 prize!

Cash Factor 5K = individual cards start at just 25p for a potential top £5000 prize!

Cash Factor 25K = individual cards start at just 50p for a potential top £25,000 prize!

Cash Factor 100K = individual cards start at just £1 for a potential top £100,000 prize!

Where To Play Cash Factor Scratch Cards

Playing our carefully curated selection of Cash Factor Scratch Cards is as easy as navigating to the Scratch tab on the Lottomart site and deciding which one most takes your fancy.

Each Scratch Card we offer on the website (Cash Factor or otherwise) has a breakdown of the rules, prizes and even a handy preview of what the cards look like, so you know what you’re getting even before you even make a purchase. Scratching can be done manually or automatically as described above, with some slight differences. Some cards, Alpine Escape, for example, have multiple sections that need to be revealed or scratched.

Lottomart’s Scratch Cards range has also been designed to provide a fully interactive experience with lights and sounds triggering when revealing symbols and winning prizes. These feed into other quality-of-life enhancements. For example, upon reaching the end of a stack, the game automatically asks you if you want to purchase more. Players can purchase individual cards or packs via the “Buy cards” link or the green card pack button on the thumbnail. They can also buy Scratch Card bundles; these start from £25 and offer great savings! Plus new players in the UK can also gain access to a generous welcome offer of 10 free Scratch Cards when they purchase their first one, plus 10 Free Spins on Sweet Success Megaways!