One genre within the online casino world that has exploded in popularity, especially in recent years, is the collection of crash games. These titles differ drastically from most traditional online slots, embedding more interactive gameplay formulas still determined by random number generators. Nowadays, there are more releases than ever that adopt the definitive crash-style formulas, and consequently, we have selected some of the best crash games of 2024 that stand out from the rest.

What Are Crash Games?

Before jumping into the best crash games of 2024, we must first fully explain what crash games are should you be unfamiliar with this nuanced genre. These games centre around multipliers that could increase before crashing at random, hence the name. These games allow players to select a stake, and from here, they can choose to collect the prize value at any point as the multiplier begins to rise. If the player does not do so and the multiplier crashes, the initial stake is lost, and the round is over. As a result of this gameplay style that contrasts the usual spinning of reels found in many other titles, some releases have become fan favourites among players.

Which Crash Games Are The Best?

Several crash games stand out within this genre, mainly due to their themes and the casino game providers behind them, both definitive factors behind their overall popularity.


The first of the best crash games to mention is the Aviator game. This release comes from the development team known as Spribe, a group that has recently garnered a lot of recognition, primarily due to the number of crash titles under its belt. As its name likely gives away, the Aviator crash game uses aviation and aeroplanes as its central theme, with a unique 2D art style for the main play screen.

As the aeroplane flies higher in this release, so does the corresponding multiplier, with the round ending when the plane crashes. Two separate stake selection boxes are included here, with all previous multipliers being visible across the top of the play screen.

The Incredible Balloon Machine

Another of the best crash games in 2024 hails from Crazy Tooth Studios, with The Incredible Balloon Machine being the next title that stands out within the crash genre. This game takes a slightly more nuanced approach to the crash formula, with players pressing a button to inflate a balloon. As this balloon grows, so does the multiplier attached to it. However, this game remains random as this could pop at any point, ending the round in the process.

The visuals are much more detailed than in Aviator, with a copper-wired machine filling most of the play screen. The game’s golden-backed logo sits towards the top, and centrally beneath is the balloon machine, with a big red button inside a gasket metre.

The Incredible Balloon Machine also includes a bonus round, with this being a pick-em style game; this could trigger should a golden balloon appear on the screen, and from here, players can select from a bunch of different balloons to reveal multipliers.

Big Bass Crash

A spin-off that lends itself to the Big Bass Bonanza slot genre, Big Bass Crash is a crash-style entrant that takes some popular elements from the original series and overhauls them into this alternative gameplay format. This slot series is one of the most popular ones from Pragmatic Play; therefore, it was only a matter of time before this prestigious group of developers decided to delve into the crash genre.

A coastal setting takes up most of the play screen here, with some luscious blue waters broken up by sporadic islands populated with evergreen trees. A red and white fishing boat with a fisherman standing on deck sits centre screen here, making its way across this body of water, and below the rippling waves, some green fish swim by.

In each game of Big Bass Crash, the fisherman casts out his net and begins catching green fish. The more fish that get caught, the more the multiplier could increase. However, should the fisherman’s net break, the round ends, and so does the multiplier.


The last of the best crash games comes from the developers over at Red Tiger Gaming, with the Astronaut game even standing out from all of the other titles we have already discussed due to the innovative crash mechanics it uses. In this game, a reel with a singular segment is the focus of play, with green and red gemstones potentially landing within it. There are 19 green and 8 red, and for every green gem that lands, this could progress a prize ladder that resides next to play.

However, should a red gem land, this ends the round and resets the prize ladder back to the bottom. All of this is displayed impressively thanks to the visual expertise of Red Tiger Gaming, with a cosmic, star-filled backdrop setting the space theme here.

On top of all of this, there is also a creative bonus symbol, with this being the golden shield; this could also land on the single reel, and should this occur, it provides the player with a lifeline; this adds a shield to the reels, meaning if a red gem lands, its game-ending effect is negated.

Play Crash Games At Lottomart

The titles we have discussed here are just a handful of the best crash games, with many alternatives also falling under this unique category. All of the games we have mentioned can also be found here at Lottomart, with each of these releases bringing interactive gameplay and distinctive sets of visual elements that help them stand out.

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