If you’re looking for interactive and innovative gameplay experiences, live casino games are arguably a prime example within the iGaming world that seamlessly combine the two design elements. The genre has exploded in popularity, especially recently, with several titles dominating online casinos due to their creative gameplay formulas.

However, due to their notoriety amongst players, there are now more of these titles than ever, potentially making it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, here at Lottomart, we have picked out the best live casino game shows of 2024, all of which bring their experimental design features.

Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is arguably one of the biggest and most popular genre releases during 2024. Hailing from the live casino experts over at Evolution Gaming, the gameplay in this title centres around a segmented wheel, with an energetic, smartly dressed host leading the live stream and subsequent gameplay.

The segments of this wheel correlate to either one of two things: multipliers or unique bonus rounds. The base multipliers in question pay 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x the stake, with these being betting options in this game. The other betting options relate to the name of the bonus rounds, and the general gameplay concept revolves around players aiming to predict what segment the pointer will land on after the host spins the wheel.

Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time are the four bonus rounds, the latter of which is where this release derives its name from. Coin Flip could see two different multipliers selected related to the blue and red coin faces; this flips, and whatever colour lands facing up could trigger the corresponding multiplier.

The Cash Hunt bonus sees players select from an animated screen of symbols to potentially unveil a multiplier, the Pachinko bonus transports gameplay to a pinball-style machine in which a glowing ball drops towards several multipliers towards the bottom, and the Crazy Time bonus sees a larger wheel with more segments, with several multipliers scattered across this. These bonuses, alongside the inventive base gameplay, are just a handful of the reasons Crazy Time Live is one of the best live casino game shows of 2024.

Mega Wheel Live

Another of the popular live game shows that asserted itself as a fan favourite during 2024 was Mega Wheel Live. This game is similar to the previous one in that the gameplay centres around a spinning wheel. However, this game has no bonus rounds, instead including more numbers, with these having multiplier values that match their face numbers.

Mega Wheel Live still has a rather creative bonus, though. At the beginning of each spin, a multiplier gets attached to one of the number betting options at random, and landing on this number could trigger the multiplier!

Deal Or No Deal Live

Inspired by the popular TV game show of the same name, Deal or No Deal Live flawlessly replicates the iconic gameplay of the show it draws influence from. Hosted by a live presenter, players select from different briefcases containing hidden prize values to eliminate the blue-coloured ones. Throughout gameplay, players receive offers from the banker they could potentially accept or turn down, continuing to open more cases instead.

At the end of the game, players choose between a box they would have selected at the start or swap it with the other remaining box. From here, the briefcases get unveiled, and whatever value your briefcase may contain could be collected. This title is much more interactive than other live game shows, as players can make multiple choices during a game.

Cash Or Crash Live

Moving onto another of the best live casino game shows from 2024, Evolution Gaming’s Cash or Crash Live focuses on a transparent globe holding several different coloured balls. Each game has 19 green balls, eight red balls, and one golden ball. At the beginning of each game, players select a stake, and each time a green or golden ball potentially lands, a multiplier on a prize metre increases. However, if a red ball lands, the game ends

Players can collect a multiplier at any stage, as a red ball could potentially eliminate the progress on the prize metre at any random point. It is worth noting that landing a golden ball can provide players with a shield, meaning that landing a red ball does not end the game on that spin, essentially granting a lifeline.

Monopoly Live

The final game show title we will be covering is Monopoly Live, and it should come as no surprise that this is yet another title from Evolution Gaming’s portfolio. This game could be considered a respin of Mega Wheel and Crazy Time Live due to its wheel-focused gameplay. However, due to the board game inspirations, there are a couple more nuanced aspects of this specific release, differentiating it from these other releases.

In this, several multiplier-related betting options correlate to the number of segments on the reel. However, the bonus games instead are labelled Chance or Dice Roll. If it is the former, a random card could be selected that could contain a multiplier. With the latter, gameplay moves to a 3D version of the game this title is inspired by. The rolls dictate how many segments on the board could be moved across, with different sections containing different multipliers based on their colour.

Play Live Casino Game Shows At Lottomart

These are just a handful of the best live casino game shows that have been popular with players in 2024, with many other titles in this genre that innovate in unique and exciting ways. All of the games we have mentioned are also available at Lottomart, with a collection of alternative games featuring live hosts on-site.

Players looking to get into some live game shows can read our How To Play Crazy Time Live piece before playing.

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