One genre of games that has seen their popularity steadily increase over the years is online scratch cards. These games ditch the usual conventions often associated with more modern casino games, instead faithfully recreating the classical gameplay formula that physical scratch cards have used for so long.

Due to their simplistic yet fan-favourite design style, more and more of these games are hitting the market consistently. As a result of this, understanding what the best scratch cards are could potentially be a difficult task. However, below is a list of the most impressive and popular scratch card options, each presenting distinctive elements.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Before getting into the best scratch cards, it’s crucial to understand how these work. As we mentioned, these are digitised versions of their physical counterparts, with the overall gameplay concept revolving around scratching off card segments, hence their name.

By doing so, this could reveal either symbols, numbers or even prize values, with all this depending on the game chosen. If a specified number of these match, though, this could potentially trigger a return, with this straightforward gameplay loop being one of the main reasons they have become fan favourites in the iGaming space.

What Are The Best Scratch Cards?

Now that you have an understanding of how they work, we can now get onto what the best scratch cards are. Each title we have selected is unique in different ways, even if this is just about a thematic alteration.

Cash Factor

The first of the best scratch cards to mention is not just a single card; instead, it is a collection all relating to the same series. Cash Factor scratch cards are some of the most popular in the space; each has its value per card and maximum prize value; this can range from the Cash Factor 1k game to the Cash Factor 100k title; each uses a colourful theme to help it stand out.


The Cleoscratcha game is another of the best scratch cards out there; this uses the popular Ancient Egyptian theme that somewhat dominates the online casino world, with this specific release having its scratchable segments designed in the fashion of canopic jars, in keeping with the theme at hand. If any Egyptian scrolls get revealed during gameplay, these could carry multipliers of either 2x, 5x or 10x, a creative nuance included in this game.

Europe Millions

Another of the best scratch cards lends itself to one of our most popular lotto betting options on-site; this is the Europe Millions Scratch. This title presents a golden-tinted 4×3 grid of symbols designed in the fashion of stars, with some additional segments referred to as ‘Lucky Numbers’ also included. To potentially trigger prizes, players must match their lucky numbers to those revealed by scratching off the stars, with this additional nuance being a distinctive aspect included in this release that makes it one of the best scratch cards out there.

Rainbow Scratches

The Rainbow Scratches title is the next of the best scratch cards, using the popular Irish theme that has already proven to be a fan favourite design choice in online slots. Some Celtic mosaics comprise the scratchable segments in this release, and like in the already-mentioned Cleoscratcha game, certain symbols could potentially be revealed boasting 2x, 3x or 5x multipliers as well!

Alpine Escape

The last of the best scratch cards is the Alpine Escape Scratch game; this features an aesthetic centred around alpine skiing and snow-capped mountains, with the primary play grid featuring a 3×3 gold-tinted layout filled with gold star symbols. There is also a separate symbol above this that could reveal a snowflake to trigger a prize. Matching three other snowy-themed symbols on the primary game grid, however, is how this game works, with this same gameplay formula carrying over to the Tropical Escape Scratch game, another title that is part of the same series.

Play The Best Scratch Cards At Lottomart

Considering the nuanced gameplay blueprints they use and the variety of themes they often come hand in hand with, it is no surprise that online scratch cards have become fan-favourite casino games. The best scratch cards we have mentioned are just a few examples of these creative releases, with many other alternatives on our Lottomart site! Like with most other genres of games, these are all compatible with different types of devices, with the innovative game design remaining the same no matter the screen size.

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