Within the iGaming space, one genre of games that has exploded in popularity is live game shows. These games merge casino gameplay with player interactivity, producing gameplay experiences that differ from conventional online slot games and table-based titles in substantial ways.

Within this collection, one standout title in terms of its popularity is Mega Wheel Live. This game follows a blueprint established in titles like Funky Time Live and Monopoly Live. However, this strips back any specific theme in favour of a gameplay approach that is simplified and polished in all aspects.

To understand how this title works, we here at Lottomart have developed a complete guide to Mega Wheel Live, delving into the specifics of how to play alongside the betting options and bonuses it comes with.

What Is Mega Wheel Live

Mega Wheel Live is one of the many live casino titles that is a product of Evolution Games, a giant within the iGaming space renowned for providing an array of fan-favourite titles. This specific game centres its gameplay around a spinning wheel, with this having various numbered and coloured segments plastered across it. This game features a live host who leads the game in a professional studio with a colourful set.

How Does Mega Wheel Live Work?

At the beginning of each game in Mega Wheel Live, a 12-second betting round allows players to place stakes on the numbered segments of the wheel which they think will be landed on. After this, the host spins the wheel, and whichever segment the yellow pointer lands on after the spin finishes wins. The gameplay differs from similar titles in that the segments on the wheel point to just numbers, with no sections that correlate to bonus games or features.

What Are The Betting Options In Mega Wheel Live

As mentioned, there are a number of different numbered segments in Mega Wheel Live, all feature as betting options within this title. Each of these has a multiplier that matches their face value, with them also being presented in different colours. These options are as follows:

  • White 1 – Valued at 1x
  • Yellow 2 – Valued at 2x
  • Light Blue 5 – Valued at 5x
  • Purple 8 – Valued at 8x
  • Red 10 – Valued at 10x
  • Orange 15 – Valued at 15x
  • Green 20 – Valued at 20x
  • Dark Blue 30 – Valued at 30x
  • Lilac 40 – Valued at 40x

After each spin, the number on which the wheel lands are added to the bottom of the screen; this displays the outcomes of all previous spins.

Are There Any Bonuses In Mega Wheel Live?

Although the general concept of Mega Wheel Live is relatively un-complex and straightforward, the developers over at Evolution Gaming have still integrated a bonus feature to add an extra layer to the gameplay.

After the betting round has concluded, the left side of the screen randomly selects one of the mentioned numbers, allocating a random multiplier. Landing on this number means the multiplier could potentially combine with the base value of this number – a unique touch similar to one of the bonuses included in Crazy Time Live, another release from the same studio.

This game also features a live chat feature; this can toggle to flash up on the screen, allowing players to communicate with the host and each other. While not an out-and-out bonus mechanic, this adds an extra layer of interactivity to this title, a valuable addition to any live casino games.

Play Mega Wheel Live At Lottomart

Considering its simple yet interactive gameplay and the easy-to-understand bonus mechanic, it’s no surprise why Mega Wheel Live is such a popular title.

Should you wish to play Mega Wheel Live for yourself, this title is available at Lottomart, and it’s worth pointing out this is just one of the many live casino games we house on-site. There are many other titles from Evolution Games, and these all experiment in terms of their gameplay approaches and the overall live experiences they provide.

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