Crazy Time Live is one of the many live game shows released by iGaming giants Evolution Gaming. The genre has seen a significant rise in recent popularity; there are now more of these titles than ever available at online casinos.

Despite all this, Crazy Time Live could still be argued to be the most popular out of all these games, with the simplistic gameplay and the interactive live stream being just two of the reasons behind the release’s fan-favourite status. Although the format of the game is pretty straightforward, there are a couple of tips you could potentially bear in mind if choosing to play. Consequently, we here at Lottomart have devised a Crazy Time Live strategy that could help highlight some strategies that may be applicable during gameplay.

Understanding The Basics

Before delving into specific strategies, it’s essential to grasp the basic mechanics of Crazy Time Live. The game features a large circular wheel divided into segments, each marked with a specific number or bonus game name. The general concept of the game involves players placing stakes on the outcome of the wheel spin, aiming to predict where they think the wheel will stop.

Landing on a number can trigger a multiplier that matches the face value of the segment. However, landing on one of the other bonus game-related segments means the respective feature could be triggered instead, transporting the gameplay to a different part of the studio.

Strategies For Crazy Time Live

The gameplay basics make Crazy Time Live a title that is easy to understand overall. However, there are still some strategies that could be utilised, with some of these being as follows:

Diversifying Your Bets

The wheel in Crazy Time Live sports a handful of segments with eight variations. All of these correspond to different betting options, and the variety of available betting options means diversifying your bets could be an applicable strategy. By splitting stakes across several of these, you could theoretically cover multiple outcomes of a spin, providing a unique gameplay approach (as opposed to sticking with just one betting option). Of course, it depends on your personal preference.

Understand The Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time Live features four main bonus games to potentially trigger during gameplay. As a result, it is worth understanding how these work before potentially placing any stakes on them; this promotes awareness of what could play out should they be triggered.

The Coin Flip bonus corresponds to the blue segment on the wheel; this could see a coin flip with a green and blue face. Each of these colours has a multiplier that ties to it, and whatever face may land facing upwards could be triggered.

The Cash Hunt bonus is the green portions on the wheel in Crazy Time Live, and this presents a separate play screen filled with random symbols. Players can select one of these to reveal a hidden multiplier.

Pachinko is the bonus feature that is the pink sections on the Crazy Time wheel, and this is essentially a pinball-style game in which a glowing ball drops downwards towards randomly allocated multipliers to the catch segments at the bottom of this machine. The triggered multiplier depends on the section the ball lands in.

Crazy Time is the last of the bonus rounds in this game, with the red segments on the wheel giving this title its name. Trigger the feature, and play transitions to a different, much larger wheel, in which players choose from one of three pointers. The wheel showcases different multipliers. Whichever lands under the selected pointer could be triggered.

The bonuses are exclusive to Crazy Time Live, and although games like Mega Wheel Live and Funky Time Live adopt similar gameplay formulas, understanding these is important if playing this title.

Utilise Any Free Bet Credits

One strategy which ties more into casino promotions than anything else is using any potential free bet credits you have. These could cover one or more betting options in Crazy Time Live!

Monitor Previous Results

The bottom right of the play screen in Crazy Time Live displays all the results of previous spins and games. RNG and luck determine the outcome. However, you could identify any potential patterns or occurrences even though each spin is independent. However, this may be useful when selecting betting options.

Monitor Your Bankroll

When playing, you must monitor your bankroll. Setting a budget for yourself at the beginning of play is good practice for responsible gaming and can keep you from exceeding a limit.

Play Crazy Time Live At Lottomart

Should you perhaps wish to apply any of these Crazy Time Live strategies for yourself, we here at Lottomart have this fan-favourite Evolution Gaming live game show alongside a whole host of other titles from the same developers. The genre as a whole (which this game lends itself to) is one of the more popular collections we have on-site, with all the options presenting their own unique and innovative gameplay formulas that are interactive and inventive!

Now you have learnt some basic strategies for Crazy Time Live, why not check out our Complete Guide To Mega Wheel Live for a different live game show experience?

Responsible Gaming

While strategies can be something to implement into your gaming experience, it’s crucial to approach Crazy Time Live and any other live casino games responsibly. It may not tie directly into the gameplay. However, this is arguably one of the most crucial things to bear in mind if playing this game, as setting limits and taking breaks can ensure play sessions that are safe and responsible overall.