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Is there an inherent correlation between the Grand National horse race and lottery numbers? That’s what we are asking in this post. The Grand National is a prestigious horse racing event held annually in the United Kingdom, while lotteries are games of chance where numbers are randomly drawn to determine winners. With regards to the Grand National, experienced bettors consider a horse’s form, endurance, and jumping ability when placing bets. However, some also factor in personal superstitions or omens, such as the colours of a jockey’s attire, the presence of a grey horse, or a name that resonates with them, regardless of what random number they are assigned on race day. Still, many people believe that relying on predetermined lucky numbers will increase the chances of winning the lottery. Does this apply to the Grand National too? After all, certain numbers do seem to pop up more often than others. Let’s take a closer look.

Winning Grand National Numbers

Analysis of Grand National outcomes over the past 22 years reveals certain numbers appearing more frequently among winners. Out of 17 distinct winning numbers in this period, 10, 13, 29, and 35 have emerged as particularly successful. Notably, 29 and 35 have each won twice in the past decade, including Auroras Encore in 2013 and Minella Times in 2021; both wore the number 35. Auroras Encore in particular defied the 66/1 odds to storm to victory in 2013. Meanwhile, Pineau De Re and Rule The World emerged victorious in 2014 and 2016 respectively with number 29. Indeed, numbers between 11 and 29 have produced 12 out of 22 winners, indicating their historical advantage. In 2023, Corach Rambler broke the trend by winning with the number 26, marking the first victory for that number in 22 years. The only single digit number to win the Grand national more than once in the last 22 years was the number 6, with Comply Or Die and Don’t Push It winning in 2008 and 2010; they thundered to victory with odds of 7/1 and 10/1 respectively.

Losing Grand National Numbers

Conversely, analysing the Grand National outcomes over the past 22 years reveals certain numbers appearing less frequently. For example, the numbers 8 and 39 have not had a top-six finish in over 20 years. Other numbers are also considered unlucky. Top-weighted horses with single digit numbers generally do not have good odds of finishing a race, let alone winning one. Horses with the number 1, for example, have not finished 7 out of the last 10 events. The number 31 has only completed one race since 2007. Meanwhile, the number 20 has never completed a single race; this number’s record has been marred by instances of being inadvertently brought down by a falling horse ahead or sidelined by an errant, riderless horse.

Luckiest Lottery Numbers

Lotteries are random and fair games where every number has an equal chance of being drawn. Belief in lucky numbers stems from superstition, but there’s no evidence they increase winning chances. Winning remains purely a matter of luck, unaffected by any perceived lucky numbers or rituals. That said, it does not stop people from pointing out certain patterns with specific numbers appearing more than others. Let’s take a look at the most common “lucky” numbers in the most popular UK lotto draws as extrapolated by reliable sources like Casino Guardian, starting with the National Lottery.

The luckiest number in the National Lottery since the rules changed in 2015 is 52; it has appeared in winning combinations a total of 100 times! The Bonus Ball number that appears the most is 38. The second and third luckiest numbers are 58 and 39. EuroMillions next, and the most lucky number since 2016 has been 20 and 21, followed by 17 and 42; the most frequent Lucky Star numbers are 3 and 2. Meanwhile, the most frequently drawn number in the Thunderball lotto since 2010 when the rules changed is 30 followed by 29; it has appeared a whopping total of 316 times! The most lucky Thunderball numbers are 13 and 3. The Set For Life lotto draw has only been around since 2019. However, that hasn’t stopped patterns emerging – the luckiest number is 21, and it has already appeared 57 times in 398 draws.

Unluckiest Lottery Numbers

On the flipside, and looking at the National Lottery first once again, the unluckiest numbers are 48 and 9; the least lucky Bonus Ball numbers are 34 and 35. Regarding the EuroMillions draw, the unluckiest numbers include 18, 22 and 40; the least frequent Lucky Star numbers are 5 and 10. Thunderball also has its share of unlucky numbers, with 12 and 35 appearing the least since 2010; the least common Thunderball numbers are 9 and 2, while numbers that appear less frequently in the Set For Life lotto draw are 30 followed by 1, 14, and 41.

Comparing Grand National Numbers vs Lottery Numbers

At first glance, there appears to be no direct correlation between the luckiest and unluckiest numbers in the Grand National and UK lotto draws. For one, the Grand National and lottery draws are two different beasts, and whatever betting strategies work for one may not work for the other. For example, the number 35 in the Grand National is considered to be lucky, as several horses have ridden to victory with it over the last two decades. On the other hand, the number 35 is among the least frequent in the National Lottery and Thunderball. Also, whereas the number 29 is also considered lucky in the Grand National, it only factors once among the domestic lotto draws (it’s only the second most frequent number in the Thunderball draw).

In the Grand National as well, single digit numbers are considered among the least lucky due to them being associated with top-weighted horses. However, most of the unlucky lotto draw numbers are double digits – with a few exceptions, of course. For example, the number 1 is considered unlucky in the Grand National due to how few horses with that number actually finish a race. The number 1 is the second most unlucky in the Set For Life draw, appearing 32 times since 2019. There are other similarities, such as the 29 being a lucky number in the Grand National and the Thunderball draw (where it has appeared 308 times since 2010).  Also, the number 6 – which correlates to two victories in the Grand National – appears as a lucky number in the Thunderball and Set For Life draws.

With the above said, we recommend adopting different strategies for the Grand National and the different lotto draws for players wanting to bet on one or both. Grand National outcomes are random, and bettors might do better to bet on the jockey and/or horse, while lottery numbers are drawn independently, despite whatever superficial overlap there may be.

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