Recently, one genre of games which has seemingly sprung out of nowhere and become immensely popular with players is the crash games collection. These titles contrast most traditional online casino titles by neglecting conventional gameplay layouts in favour of more creative interactive gameplay.

Although these releases have quickly become staples of many online casinos, many players are unaware of their past and where they stemmed from. Consequently, we’ll break down the history of crash games and highlight why they have become so popular.

What Is A Crash Game?

Simply put, a crash game is a type of online casino game which centres its gameplay around rising multipliers. The main mechanic in play, though, could see these multipliers crash at any point, hence the name of this genre.

A crash game has many different rounds, and at the beginning of each of these, players can select a stake during a betting countdown. Once this period ends, the multiplier begins to rise, with the chance of it crashing back to zero and ending the round being possible at any random point.

The general aim of crash games is to try and cash out on the multiplier before it crashes, as doing so could apply it to the player’s selected stake. However, the round ends should the multiplier crash before the player does this, losing their stake in the process.

What Were The First Crash Games?

The history of crash games dates to the mid-2010s, with the first ever game that fell under this banner being a title named MoneyPot; this was released in 2014 and acted as the general blueprint that many subsequent crash games would follow. The game presents a simple y and x-axis, and following the players’ selection of their stake, a line begins to move across this graph, causing the multiplier to rise.

In 2015, a year after its release, MoneyPot was acquired by another developer; the game underwent rebranding and was henceforth known as Bustabit. Consequently, crash games are said to feature “bustabit mechanics”; a reference to the founding title.

The Rise Of Crash Game Popularity

Crash games became more and more notable when brought into the crypto casino space, with this somewhat spearheading their popularity rise. Many casino game providers began to take the blueprints established by the first bustabit titles, experimenting with various themes these releases could boast. Titles like the Aviator game specifically became a fan favourite with players, with the same gameplay formula being overhauled thanks to an aeroplane-orientated theme.

However, another factor behind their popular rise regards the gameplay in question. The interactive yet randomly determined gameplay contrasted the usual approaches used in many online slots, something which began to draw attention. Coupled with the themes we have already touched upon, the number of games continued to expand, providing a range of nuanced options for casino players.

Crash Game Bonuses

One significant evolution within the crash game world came down to games beginning to incorporate bonuses. By branching out from the tried and tested formula slightly, these games differentiated themselves thanks to the innovative additions they included.

For example, games like The Incredible Balloon Machine added a pick’em style bonus, which could introduce bonus multipliers. The popular space-themed Astronaut game added a prize ladder that players could climb by potentially landing green gems. This latter title also features protective golden shield symbols; these protect the player from any red gems that may land and potentially end the round.

The Future Of Crash Games

Looking ahead to the future of crash games, it seems their popularity will only continue to grow, mirroring the technological changes and advancements the online casino world can expect. New play features, more immersive themes, and additional bonus features could all enhance the overall experience that crash games present, with the traditional formula likely acting as a foundation upon which many developers can build further.

In addition, more and more crash games could begin lending themselves to already existing game series. For example, games like Big Bass Crash already exist, with this being part of the Big Bass Bonanza slot franchise, which has asserted itself within the iGaming space as a fan favourite. Due to the many developers having big franchises like this, they could use their visuals and defining elements when pairing them with some crash-style mechanics.

Play Crash Games At Lottomart

Although not as old as slots and other more classical casino table games, crash titles have quickly become staples of many online casinos, with their brief history not detracting from the immense rise this genre has experienced. Here at Lottomart, we have a selection of different crash games; these comprise some of the most popular and innovative titles around.

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