Considering all the different genres within the online casino space nowadays, the Jackpot King slots collection has recently exploded in popularity. These online slots (despite being relatively simplistic in concept) have proven to be fan favourites among players, with many of these titles becoming stables of the iGaming space.

Even with this mechanic being one of the biggest out there, the actual origins and the overall history of these games are still widely unknown by players today. Consequently, we will highlight where these games came from, what some of the first entrants adopting this jackpot-focused feature were, and explain why they began to dominate the casino world.

What Is Jackpot King?

For those not in the know, Jackpot King is a jackpot mechanic devised by the experts at Blueprint Gaming that essentially adds three different progressive prize values to each game that features this bonus. The jackpots in question are the Royal, Regal and Jackpot King prizes; these grow from an interlinked network of games that take a percentage of player wagers.

What Were The First Jackpot King Slots?

Blueprint Gaming created the Jackpot King mechanic back in 2016, with them debuting their new innovative software in several titles. Some of the first Jackpot King slots were preexisting titles overhauled to feature this mechanic.

For example, games like Top Cat Jackpot King and Slots O’ Gold Jackpot King were among the first slots to feature the titular bonus mechanic, with these quickly becoming popular thanks to them providing fresh gameplay experiences whilst still making use of already proven themes and other nuanced bonuses.

Why Did Jackpot King Slots Become So Popular?

There were several initial factors behind the rise in the notoriety of Jackpot King slots, a primary one being its overall versatility. Due to the mechanic being unobstructed and not altering the foundations of any game into which it’s integrated, Blueprint began implementing the Jackpot King mechanic into more and more existing slot titles.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the potential that Jackpot King prizes add to a game. A once standard title can essentially receive a new breath of life thanks to the additional prize boxes added to play while adding an extra layer to almost any game that the bonus mechanic features in.

The Future Of Jackpot King Slots

The future of Jackpot King slots is bright as the library grows in size. We have already seen a whole array of titles, from Megaways slots to classical fruit machines, implement this mechanic, with this trend likely to continue going forward. And who is to say this bonus feature won’t expand beyond just Blueprint Gaming releases, potentially providing other slot game providers with the opportunity to integrate this fan-favourite feature?

Play Jackpot King Slots At Lottomart

The overall history of Jackpot King slots showcases why these games have become the iGaming staples they are today. At Lottomart, we house a vast collection of these games due to their popularity, with every one of these coming paired with their distinct theme, nuanced gameplay features and (of course) the titular jackpot mechanic!

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