The online casino world is continuously innovating and experimenting in several ways, with gameplay being one of the more distinct aspects of any title if it is creative. A genre of games to which this especially applies is the collection of crash games, a relatively new concept that has quickly become popular with players worldwide.

Despite a number of these titles now asserting themselves as fan favourites, many players may be unfamiliar with the general concept of these releases. Consequently, we will explain how crash games work, highlighting any of the nuances that have helped define this genre.

What Exactly Are Crash Games

Before diving into the general technicalities of crash games and how they work, we must first touch upon what they are. Simply put, a crash game is a casino game that sees a multiplier rise before randomly crashing to zero. This general outline gives these games their name, with these providing a bit more interactivity compared to standard online slots.

How To Play Crash Games

Now that you have a brief outline of what constitutes a crash game, it is time to delve into how the gameplay works in these titles. These releases adopt round-style gameplay, with each of these rounds beginning with a betting round countdown. In this, players can select stakes, and once the countdown ends, the game starts.

In these games, a multiplier will rise; however, at any given moment, this could randomly crash and end the round. These games are determined by random number generators, with every round being independent from the other. The overall aim of these games is for players to withdraw their bet stake with one of these multipliers before they crash, with these potentially applying to their selected stake if done so. However, if the player does not do this, the multiplier crashes; their initial stakes could be lost.

Do Crash Games Have Bonuses?

Above is the general blueprint that most crash games utilise; however, some titles within this genre integrate additional nuances in the form of bonuses; this does not apply to all games; however, the ones that do feature additional layers all present their unique aspects.

A prime example of a crash game that integrates some bonus mechanics is The Incredible Balloon Machine. This game sees players click a button to increase the multiplier; however, the balloon could pop at any random instance. If a golden balloon manages to appear in this title, though, this could also trigger a pick’em style round; this gives players the option to select from several golden balloons, potentially revealing additional multipliers.

The Astronaut game is one of many other titles in this genre that also incorporates a bonus alongside the crash mechanics. This game features green and red gems that dictate the outcome of each round, with green ones progressing a prize ladder whilst red ones end the round. However, landing a golden shield could protect players from the game-ending effect of the red gems for a spin in which it may appear.

These are just a couple of crash games that integrate bonuses. However, understanding any unique changes casino game providers may have added before playing a title is crucial, even if the overall crash concept remains the same.

Play Crash Games At Lottomart

If you want to check out any crash games for yourself now that you have a better understanding, there is a collection of some of the most popular games within this genre at Lottomart. Each feature has unique themes; however, the overall mechanics remain somewhat consistent. From the fan favourite Aviator game to The Incredible Balloon Machine that we have already touched upon, all these games bring something new to the table, especially compared with some of your more conventional casino releases.

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