Many new and innovative genres have recently entered the online casino space, with gameplay continuously evolving thanks to experimental developers; one collection of games this especially applies to is the series of Jackpot King slots that now dominate the iGaming world, with these jackpot-orientated titles proving to be fan favourites.

Even though there are now more of these specific games than ever, some people within the slot space still question how Jackpot King slots work, so we’ll highlight several intricate details so you can understand exactly how they do so!

What Exactly Are Jackpot King Slots?

Jackpot King slots are online slot games that integrate Blueprint Gaming‘s progressive Jackpot King game alongside three progressive prize boxes fashioned like red regal banners; the prizes are labelled Royal, Regal and Jackpot King on screen: a small portion of every bet contributes to the ever-increasing jackpot pool across a network of specified games.

How To Play Jackpot King Slots

Now that you have a better idea of what constitutes Jackpot King slots, it is time to break down how exactly these titles play. As with all titles, from Megaways slots to bingo-infused Slingo games, players begin by selecting a stake and spinning the reels. The jackpot mechanic is entirely determined by an RNG-like regular slot gameplay, with the bonuses this feature comes with being randomly triggered.

Landing specific symbols (usually crown symbols) on each reel triggers the Jackpot King bonus round. Players go to a different play screen. Here, they collect golden crown symbols to progress up a prize ladder, a feature known as Crown Collect; they have three repsins to climb up the ladder. Golden symbols lock in place upon landing. Each one in view resets the respin counter.

Reaching the top of the prize ladder triggers the Wheel King bonus round, arguably the most definitive aspect of Jackpot King slots. The Wheel King feature showcases a segmented prize wheel containing the names of the three different prize boxes. Following a spin of said wheel, whatever segment landed could award the corresponding Jackpot King prize!

What Aspects Make Jackpot King Slots Popular?

Although there may be slight alterations between titles in how the Jackpot King mechanic is actually triggered, this is the most common blueprint that most releases utilise! Because of the consistent manner in which this mechanic operates, this has been one of the main reasons Jackpot King slots have risen in popularity dramatically.

The overall versatility and adaptability of said mechanic is another reason behind Jackpot King’s notoriety. This feature seamlessly integrates into almost any pre-established series or title, while the jackpot prizes do not affect the existing game elements. The unobstructed nature of the Jackpot King feature has allowed more and more games to produce new variants without subtracting from them.

Play Jackpot King Slots At Lottomart

Now that you have an overall better understanding of the mechanic, should you wish to check out any Jackpot King slots, we have an abundance of them available at Lottomart. Each variation we have brings its unique theme, aesthetic and nuanced bonus features to the table, all whilst still featuring the popular jackpot mechanic that has propelled this genre of games to fan-favourite status.

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