The online casino space is an area that consistently brings new and innovative concepts to the table, with this being down to the innovation and experimentation of the developers within it. Recently, the genre of crash games has somewhat exploded in popularity, birthing a plethora of creative titles that subvert typical gameplay norms.

One such title that falls within this bracket is the Aviator game, a title which is a fan favourite within this respective collection. Although it has become especially notable within the iGaming world, players unfamiliar with this genre may not understand why it has garnered such a reputation. Consequently, we’ll explain how the Aviator game works in full so players can gain a better understanding of its nuanced aspects.

What Are Crash Games

Before we delve into how the Aviator game works specifically, we must highlight the concept all crash games typically revolve around. These games involve a rising multiplier that can randomly come crashing down to zero at any point. These casino games branch away from the typical blueprints laid out by most online slots, focusing more on player interactivity; however, they still provide outcomes determined by Random Number Generator (RNG) technology.

How To Play Aviator

Crash games, in general, are split into rounds, with this being no different in regards to the Aviator game. These rounds begin with a betting phase, with players being able to select a stake as a timer counts down. Above the stake selection options on the screen, a graph with two axes can be seen, with a small red plane sitting on top. After the betting round concludes, the plane takes off and begins to fly.

A red trail follows as it flies, displaying how much a multiplier could rise the higher and further it flies on screen. This multiplier is positioned in the centre of the screen during gameplay here, with its bold white font standing out from the black background.

Once this plane takes off, however, it could randomly crash at any point, ending the round in the process. The overall aim of the Aviator game is to try and claim a prize multiplier before the plane crashes, as not doing so in time could result in losing the initial stake. However, if players do cash out before the round ends, the multiplier at the time of the cash out is applied to the stake, whilst the multiplier in play could increase even further.

Once the plane crashes and the round finishes, this same process repeats, with another betting round ensuing. Towards the top of the play screen is the player’s balance, displayed on a banner alongside the Aviator logo, with a separate metre containing all previous round outcomes displayed beneath this. This updates in real time.

Are There Any Bonuses In The Aviator Game

Gamers familiar with other games in the crash genre, like The Incredible Balloon Machine or the Astronaut game, may wonder if this Aviator title features any bonuses. The simple answer is no. This game decides to stay faithful to the blueprint that the first crash titles established, and combining this with the aeroplane-centred theme could be one of the main reasons behind this title’s popularity.

However, the Aviator game has two different boxes in which players can place two different stakes. Although not technically a bonus, it adds a slight gameplay option for players to (potentially) use. However, this is down to preference!

Play Aviator At Lottomart

To summarise, the Aviator game doesn’t stray too far from the factors that have helped define the crash genre. The difference (compared to other variations in this collection) is its plane-focused theme, with the gameplay remaining polished. The Aviator game is just one of the crash games we have at Lottomart, with its interactive gameplay and layout being a unique addition to our site.

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