When it comes to live casino games, Evolution is arguably one of the biggest developers out there, with their portfolio consisting of a whole array of these titles. Each release within their collection innovates and experiments in a unique way. Such is the case with arguably their most popular title: Crazy Time Live!

This game has been a fan favourite since its debut in July 2020, thanks to its simplistic gameplay format that has a handful of distinctive bonus games and features spliced in alongside it. Due to this, new players may be a little confused about how the game plays out. However, we will explain how to play Crazy Time Live in full here at Lottomart.

What Is Crazy Time Live

Before diving into any of the intricacies of this title, we must first explain what Crazy Time is. This gameplay centres around a spinning wheel; its segments relate to different multipliers or bonus rounds. It is one of the many titles that features a live host that leads play, with the action occurring in a professional studio with many different sections relating to the bonuses included in this game, but more on these later.

How Does The Game Work

The gameplay of Crazy Time is relatively straightforward, although it still differs drastically from most online slots and casino games. Before each spin, players get a 15-second time window to bet on one of 8 variations; each correlates to one of the segments on the wheel. Following this, the betting round closes, and the live host will spin the wheel. Whatever section the red pointer may land on after a spin is what could be triggered.

What Are The Betting Options

There are eight different options you could potentially select from in the betting round. There are the 1, 2, 5 and 10 segments, with these potentially triggering multipliers of the same number they display should a corresponding segment be landed on. The other four betting options are the Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time bonus games in Crazy Time Live. Landing on these segments triggers their respective bonus games.

Which Bonuses Does Crazy Time Live Include?

As we have just mentioned, there are four separate bonus games in Crazy Time Live, all of which add extra layers to the simple wheel-oriented base gameplay. Should one of these be triggered, the live stream transitions to a different portion of the studio, with the host playing out the bonus games (usually on different video screens). These bonus games work are as follows:

Coin Flip

Landing on the blue Coin Flip segment makes two coins the gameplay focus. These coins (coloured blue and red) are randomly allocated two random multiplier values, with one typically being larger than the other. From here, the host positions a two-faced coin (which has the two colours on either side) on a flipper; this proceeds to launch the coin in the air, and whatever colour may land faceup could apply the correlating multiplier to the player’s bet stake.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt section on the Crazy Time wheel is green. Landing on it transitions play to a separate animated play screen with several multipliers rotating across the screen (somewhat resembling a conveyor belt system). At the beginning of this feature, the multipliers in question get hidden by random symbols before being randomised and mixed up during a spin. After this, players can select one of these symbols to reveal one of these hidden multipliers.


The pink segments on the wheel correspond to the Pachinko bonus game. Landing on one again transports players to a different area of the live-streamed game studio. Here, a pinball-style machine is displayed, and multipliers get randomly allocated to the bottom segments. The host then climbs to the top of this machine, holding a glowing ball in their hand. A flashing light will then shift from left to right before stopping at a random position; this is where the host will drop the glowing ball into the machine. The ball then bounces between the pins all the way to the bottom. Whatever multiplier the ball may land in at the bottom is triggered and applied to the player’s bet stake.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the bonus that gives the game its name. The red segment on the reel corresponds to this feature. The host then opens a red door, unveiling a giant wheel within an animated, colourful landscape. There are three pointers at the top of the reels that players could select from, and after a spin concludes, whatever multiplier it’s pointing at is triggered.

Multiplier Wheel

As well as these bonus games, each spin begins by spinning a separate reel above the main wheel. There are two segments to this. One displays one of the betting options, the other a multiplier; this could see one of these come attached with a multiplier, and should the same segment be landed upon, these multipliers apply on top of any other ones; this feature, combined with the remaining bonus games, is one of the main reasons Crazy Time Live stands out from other live game shows.

Play Crazy Time Live At Lottomart

Crazy Time Live works in a relatively straightforward manner. Consequently, this could be one of the reasons why this live casino game has become so popular since its release, with the bonuses included alongside the nuanced gameplay formula adding some extra layers to this title.

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