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Lotto draws (also known as lottery draws) are popular games of chance that have captivated people worldwide for centuries. For example, there’s evidence that lotteries were drawn in China, Rome and Egypt 1000s of years ago. The first recorded lotto draw was in Milan, Italy, in 1449 to raise funds for a war! The longest-running lotto draw in the world is the Dutch Staatsloterij, which has been going since 1726. Fun fact: the modern English word “lottery” comes from the Dutch word for “fate”. Over time, lotto draws have evolved into diverse forms and formats, reflecting the cultural and regional differences of different countries, offering participants the opportunity to win significant prizes by selecting a combination of numbers that match the randomly drawn winning numbers. In modern times, lotto draws are organised by various government-regulated organisations or private institutions to raise funds for public projects and charitable causes. For instance, the National Lottery funding in the UK has raised around £47b (to date) for several causes in health, education, arts, and more. Of course, some lotto draws are organised simply for entertainment purposes.

Participation in a lotto draw (offline or online) typically involves purchasing a ticket containing a grid of numbers, the size of which may vary depending on the specific lottery. Players select various numbers from within a determined range, usually by marking their choices on the ticket. During the draw, a predetermined number of winning numbers get selected using a mechanical drawing machine, a computerised random number generator, or other approved methods. The results get disseminated to the public through various media platforms, such as television, radio, or online. To win a prize, participants must have matched a certain number of their chosen numbers with the winning numbers. For instance, winning Ireland’s Lotto draw requires matching 6 out of 47 numbers. The prize structure usually includes multiple tiers, with different rewards based on the number of matches. In some cases, there may also be additional bonus numbers or supplementary games that offer extra chances to win. Players can check if they’ve won via email, phone call, or SMS; they can also log into their account via a website or app to check their bet slip.

Why do People Play the Lottery

People play the lottery for several key reasons. Let’s look below.

  • Excitement and anticipation = lotto draws can be a source of excitement and anticipation for millions worldwide who dream of winning life-changing jackpots to achieve financial freedom. Allied to this is the idea of escapism – people enjoy fantasising about escaping financial hardships and settling into a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.
  • Entertainment = playing the lottery is seen as entertainment for many people who enjoy selecting numbers, checking the results, and discussing potential winnings with friends and family. The social aspect of playing the lottery together cannot be understated: friends, family or even co-workers coming together to discuss potential strategies can create a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. Of course, peer pressure and the worry that players might miss out if they don’t participate might contribute too.
  • Lots of potential bang for your buck = lotto draw bet slips only cost a minute fraction of the potential jackpot prizes on offer. For example, a EuroMillions bet slip costs just £2.50, whereas jackpot prizes can reach upwards of £180m – a potential 72,000x increase! Allied to this is the allure of instant gratification – imagine winning untold millions without sustained work or saving up.
  • Giving back = believe it or not many players decide to give back to the community after winning the lottery. For example, they may donate some of their winnings to friends or family members. It’s thought that 4 out of 10 lotto winners in the U.S. contribute to charitable causes. Also, as mentioned, many State-run lotteries donate a percentage of their proceeds to charities, and some people see playing the lottery as a way to contribute to these causes while also (of course) having a chance to win something for themselves.

It goes without saying that it’s important to approach lotteries responsibly, understanding that they are games of chance with odds that vary depending on the specific lottery rules.

Lottery Statistics

Here are some fun lottery statistics from around the world.

General statistics first. According to Allied Market Research, the global lottery market was valued at $300.6b in 2021. By 2031, it will be worth an estimated $430.4b!

In the U.S., it’s estimated that around 183 million players bought at least one lottery ticket annually for a combined total of $70b in tickets sold in 2016. Figures have only risen since then. In 2020, statistics revealed ticket sales had skyrocketed to $90b, with around 45 million Americans buying Powerball tickets at $1 or $2 a pop. Skip to 2022, and the lottery industry recorded ticket sales upwards of $105.26b, with a rumoured increase to $194.14b by 2025. The top three states for lottery sales (according to 2021 data) are Florida ($9.08b), New York ($8.59b) and California ($8.42b). With Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots reaching the 100s of millions, the lottery industry is set to reach untold heights!

A UK study conducted in March 2016 concluded that around 70% of British residents play lotto, scratch cards and other similar products. That’s around 46,000,000 or more people based on the estimated 2016 population of 58m+ residents. Lotto seems less popular with the younger 18 – 34 demographic and most popular within the 25 – 32 age demographic. Older players (within the 55 – 64 demographic) are more likely to buy scratch cards. Fast forward to 2022, and it’s estimated that 32 million players participated in the National Lottery. That’s around 96,000,000 annual tickets sold at £2 each. Skip further ahead to 2022, and Camelot UK Lotteries Limited (Camelot for short) announced record National Lottery sales of over £4b for the first time. Fun fact: the late Queen Elizabeth II won £10 in the inaugural National Lottery draw held in 1996.

In 2022, an estimated 80 – 100m players purchased a ticket for the bi-weekly EuroMillions draw from all eight countries that participated in the draw: Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg & Switzerland, Spain, Ireland and Portugal. That’s a staggering 4,160,000,000 – 5,200,000,000 tickets annually! With a single ticket costing €2.50 (£2.50 in the UK) and jackpots stretching to just under the €200m mark, it’s not hard to see why! More fun facts: France, the UK, and Spain have the highest overall percentage of jackpot winners, with France currently taking the lead with a 27.2% share.

El Gordo (or The Fat One in English) is Spain’s national lottery draw. Taking place at Christmas, its jackpot prizes are amongst the biggest in the world (hence the name of the draw). In 2022, the total jackpot prize was €4b, so you can see why around 75% of Spanish residents play El Gordo each year (around 35,230,000 people if you calculate it based on Spain’s current population of around 47m). However, multiple tickets can have the same winning number due to how the draw works, so the amount gets divided by the number of winners in each given year. Full tickets (or boletos) cost around €200, although these are normally sold in décimos (a tenth of a ticket) at €20 each.

Do People Still Participate in The Lottery?

Based on the above statistics, it’s fair to say that not only do people still participate in the lottery, but sales are going up year after year, with companies worldwide (like Camelot in Britain) announcing record sales. That means that millions upon millions of players are choosing to play the lottery annually, and numbers are just increasing. Lotto’s popularity is not diminishing.

Other Ways To Participate in The Lottery

Players usually participate directly in traditional lottery draws. They’ll log into their accounts via websites or apps and bet on the lottery that way. Or they’ll pop down to a local shop and buy a ticket or bet slip for the lottery of their choice. However, these are not the only ways of betting on lotto draws. Online casinos like Lottomart allow players to bet on the outcome of lotto draws rather than directly participate in them. Lottomart offers several great lotto products that allow players to bet on the outcome of many of the most popular official lotteries worldwide. Our Irish Lotto product (for example) allows you to bet on the outcome of Ireland’s official Lotto draw held every Wednesday and Saturday with added benefits that you might not otherwise get by betting on traditional lottery draws: the process of selecting numbers, buying bet slips, etc. is quick and easy and delivers a seamless online experience. We also have a ‘Complete Guide To The Irish Lotto‘ should this draw be one you are particularly interested in.

As an independent lotto operator, there are other benefits to betting on lotto draws at Lottomart. You can earn free bets via our exclusive Diamond Club loyalty scheme, extra line bets through special offers, and even payout greater jackpots to those offered by the official providers. And that’s not all. With our Boost option, you can boost your line bets up to 32 times. With Quick Pick, your numbers get chosen automatically, making for a smooth and quick experience. The process of actually buying lotto bets is also simple and intuitive. Just head over to the Lotto tab on the Lottomart website and choose the lotto draw you want to bet on. The interface is sleek and easy to use!

Lottery Betting at Lottomart

Now that we’ve established how betting on the outcome of lotto draws works, let’s look at some of our most popular ones. We’ve already talked about Irish Lotto; everything you could ever want to know can be found in this blog post: “Complete Guide To The Irish Lotto”. However, we also offer other exciting lotto products from around the world! Two of our most popular are US Powerball and Mega Millions, both based on the U.S lotteries of the same name. Powerball prizes can run into the 100s of millions or more. In November 2022, the jackpot prize was worth a mouth-watering £2.04b – the largest in lotto history to date! So you can see why 10s of millions of people buy tickets for the bi-weekly draw every Wednesday and Saturday! Mega Millions too is no slouch when it comes to jackpot prizes. In 2018, the lotto made a $1.537b jackpot payout in South Carolina. Little wonder again why so many folks decide to buy tickets for the draw held every Tuesday and Friday.

Lovers of all things British (and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good fish ‘n’ chips now and again) will find a lot to get excited about with our Great British Lotto offering every Wednesday and Saturday. Based on Switzerland’s Loto Express draw but retaining the familiarity and jackpot values of the UK’s lotto draw, Great British Lotto is another popular option with players. Our most popular lotto draw, however, is the Europe Millions one. Like Great British Lotto, it’s based on the Swiss Loto Express draw but incorporates elements from the bi-weekly EuroMillions draw. It takes place on the same days, Tuesday and Friday. The odds are identical as are the jackpot values. Numbers also get selected in the same way.

These are just four out of eleven lotto draws we offer here at Lottomart, so why not check out the Lotto tab on the main website and see which other ones we have that might also take your fancy. Here at Lottomart, we have something for everyone!

What’s Different with Lotto Betting?

Lottomart is not a lottery operator, nor are we connected in any way with the various lotteries upon which we offer betting. Some Lottomart draws are based on underlying lottery draws and also follow the jackpot and select secondary prizes. Mega Millions and US Powerball are examples of this. Please consult lotto rules for details.

Some Lottomart draws are based on official underlying lottery draws but have jackpots and prizes set by us. Quick Lotto Plus and Quick Lotto are examples of this. Again, please consult lotto rules for details.

When you win, the money is paid by Lottomart or our insurers, not the official lottery. Jackpot and select secondary payouts are backed by insurance providers to guarantee payouts to winners. Non-insured prizes are paid by Lottomart directly.

Safer Gaming

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