In 2023, Lottomart experienced impressive growth, seeing our online casino offerings expand dramatically thanks to various means. As we solidify our position as a premier online gaming platform, new features and games have been at the forefront of our growth, with several elements shaping Lottomart’s journey this year.

What Was Added To Lottomart In 2023?

To cater to the diverse preferences of our players and stay ahead of the curve overall, Lottomart has introduced various new additions to our site, each of which has offered something new to our portfolio and added depth to the site as a whole.

Slingo Slots

One aspect that became part of Lottomart’s offerings in 2023 was Slingo slots. These genre-blending titles have been popular within the iGaming space for some time now, thanks to them merging the simplistic gameplay of slot games with the more engaging elements of bingo. More and more popular franchises have begun to adapt the transformative gameplay blueprint into preexisting game series thanks to these titles’ unique gameplay dynamic.

In Slingo slots, players get a randomly generated 5×5 play grid containing up to 25 numbers, with a single reel residing beneath this play grid. Each game begins with a unique number of spins, during which players aim to land numbers that match those on their bingo card, subsequently marking them off. 

Landing 5 numbers in a row creates Slingo lines, with different numbers correlating to various segments on one of these games’ respective prize ladders. The gameplay of these titles also features multi-faceted bonus elements, including Wilds, Super Wilds and Free Spins. Due to all of these features combining seamlessly, we are happy to offer these innovative titles at Lottomart now.

Slot Demos

After recognising the importance of providing players with a risk-free introduction to our vast array of games, we here at Lottomart have introduced free slot demos this year. Although this may not seem like an important addition, these versions allow players to familiarise themselves with any nuanced or complex gameplay elements a title may present, alongside helping players test new themes. Due to these not including real funds, it provides a safe and responsible way to check out the diverse selection of titles on site; something which has only enhanced the overall experience for our players.

Mobile Casino

With many players now favouring playing casino games on their phones, we here at Lottomart have also expanded our mobile casino offerings dramatically, with these games being more accessible over a range of alternative device options, once again catering to various preferences. From fan-favourite titles to newer releases, this new section is now a convenient hub for players to find their favourite mobile games.

Lottomart Blog

The introduction of the Lottomart Blog has also been a significant addition to the Lottomart experience this year. This dedicated digital hub has casino guides, list rankings and all of the most recent news from the online casino world. We have continued to investigate trends that have sprung up in the industry, going above and beyond to keep you updated with everything you may need to know about our site and the iGaming space. Although a simple addition, the valuable content provided on our blog only aims to enhance the overall experience for our players going forward.

What Were The Most Popular Games Of 2023?

This year, a handful of games emerged as clear favourites, capturing players’ attention thanks to their inventive gameplay structures, creative themes and nuanced bonus mechanics. Some of the most standout games on this site are as follows:

Fortune Tiger Slot

Starting with the Fortune Tiger slot, this Asian-inspired release from Triple Profits Games was a fan favourite at Lottomart in 2023. Although adopting a standard 5×3 play table layout, the added visual elements and accompanying gameplay features help define this release. Multiple factors have contributed to Fortune Tiger’s overall popularity, from a fitting silhouette style backdrop and golden accented symbols to the integrated jackpot mechanics and multilayered Free Spins round.

Crazy Time Live

Evolution Gaming is responsible for another of the most popular games on Lottomart in 2023, with Crazy Time Live presenting a gameplay experience, unlike most other casino games and slots. Instead of spinning the reels in this release, players get a spinning wheel accompanied by a live game show host. The wheel has various segments, with the aim of the game revolving around the player placing stakes on which segment they think the wheel will land on after a spin. 

There are regular numbered segments which are essentially multipliers, with there also being 4 other bonus games, referred to as “Coin Flip”, “Cash Hunt”, “Pachinko” and “Crazy Time”, all of which have their unique screens in-studio. Due to the interactive gameplay and the plethora of layers to this title, it is no surprise it has proved to be one of the most popular live casino games amongst players in 2023.

Big Bass Bonanza

Pragmatic Play’s old classic Big Bass Bonanza is another of the most popular games at Lottomart this year, which should come as no surprise considering the fishing genre as a whole has dominated the space for some time now. The base gameplay is relatively standard; however, the thematic elements (such as the aquatic backdrop and fishing-orientated symbols) help this title distinguish itself. Meanwhile, the bonus features introduce the fisherman Wild symbols that could collect bass symbols with attached cash values. Said bonus round includes a progressive meter, another contributing factor to this game’s notoriety.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways

Sticking with the fishing theme, Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways from Blueprint Gaming is amongst the most popular titles at Lottomart in 2023. Like Big Bass Bonanza, this one embodies its theme fully, presenting an abundance of blue in its water-based visuals and symbols. However, Blueprint integrated the fan-favourite Megaways mechanic from Big Time Gaming for this release.

Megaways slots have only continued to rise in popularity in recent years due to their transformative nature, overhauling standard games by giving them dynamic play tables, a dramatically increased payline count and potentially even cascading mechanics. These elements are in Fishin Frenzy Megaways, although the slot still maintains what made prior instalments accessible.

Gold Cash Free Spins

The final title to mention here is Gold Cash Free Spins. This release is arguably the most old-school title from today’s list. However, considering the retro genre of slots is seeing a resurgence, this release is a perfect example of stripped-back gameplay implemented in the modern era. 

What Can We Expect For Lottomart In 2024?

What the future holds for the industry in the coming year is still unknown due to the ever-changing iGaming landscape. However, at Lottomart, we have a few predictions that we can potentially see come to the site in the next 12 months.

New Releases

As has been consistent with Lottomart from the beginning of its online casino journey, we aim to continue bringing all the best and newest online casino games to our site for all players. As we commit to keeping our game offerings fresh, dynamic and innovative, a lineup of nuanced titles that push the boundaries of i-gaming could begin making their debuts, each boasting their trademark thematic designs and gameplay mechanics. 

Games From More Developers

To further diversify the game offerings at Lottomart, we aim to introduce titles from new, up-and-coming developers to our portfolio to provide a broader spectrum of gaming experiences to our platform, being able to cater to player preferences even more as a result. A handful of developers have begun to make their presence known within the iGaming space over the years, with this trend looking like one that will only continue to prosper thanks to the innovative minds within the industry.

Crash Games

A genre of games that has become more prominent recently is “Crash games”. These take a completely original approach to gameplay design compared to modern online slots. These titles typically ditch reeled setups, favouring a progressive multiplier-based gameplay model that gives players more interactivity. However, these still implement RNG-based gameplay like all casino titles, ensuring a fair and random experience.

The potential for varied themes is almost endless in this genre of games, so expect fan-favourite franchises to add their variations in the future.

More Player Bonuses

It’s not only games we here at Lottomart aim to improve on. We also understand that casino promotions are a factor critical to player experiences. Therefore, players can expect welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions and other additional incentives, each introducing extra layers to our site.

Looking Forward To Lottomart In 2024!

Bearing the above, Lottomart only aims to grow and evolve further in 2024. By building on top of what we already offer and introducing new elements and innovations which keep up to date with the constantly shifting online casino space, we will continue to dedicate our site to providing a dynamic gaming environment for our players.