When it comes to developers constructing new online slot games, they continuously have to innovate and experiment in numerous different ways in order to provide a release that stands out from the rest of the market. Developers can achieve this in a number of different ways, with them commonly crafting distinctive sets of visuals in order for a title to distinguish themselves. 

Slot mechanics and bonuses are another avenue that can help achieve this, with newer ones consistently pushing boundaries and providing nuanced approaches to gameplay. One such mechanic which falls under this banner is the Megaways mechanic, with this being able to transform a standard slot layout completely. To understand what exactly this is and how it works, we will be dissecting each aspect of the Megaways mechanic in the sections below.

Who Created The Megaways Mechanic?

The Megaways slot mechanic was developed by Australian based developers Big Time Gaming back in 2016, with it first being debated in the Dragon Born slot. This set of developers have been renowned for their experimental approach to game design, and the creation of the Megaways mechanic was their most innovative feature to date. If you want to delve further into this subject, we also have a full article on ‘The Origin of Megaways Slots‘.

How Does The Megaways Mechanic Transform Online Slots?

When it comes to most online casino games nowadays, these often abide by a singular design layout. More often than not, a game will present a 5×3 playtable with anywhere between 10 and 40 paylines which span from left to right across the playgird. 

However, the Megaways mechanic takes this format and gives any traditional release a complete overhaul. This is because the Megaways mechanic expands a playtable to be 6 reels wide, however, the number of rows across each of these can randomly change with each and every spin. For example, on any base game spin, a reel could present between 2 and 7 symbol segments respectively, and this results in the playtable presenting a layout which can be up to 6×7 in its maximum form.

As a result of this, the Megaways slots have up to 117,649 different paylines which can also change with each and every spin, with this number being a trademark for these types of titles. In addition to this, the Megaways mechanic often implements a cascading mechanic alongside its playtable overhaul, with this potentially being able to remove symbols involved in combinations, replacing them with new ones after a spin concludes.

What Are The Best Megaways Slots?

Due to the transformative nature it can have on a regular release, many fan favourite franchises have since released versions with the Megaways mechanic incorporated. Some of the most popular games include the Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways slot and the Eye of Horus Megaways, with the original versions being staples of online casinos for some time now. These two titles specifically offer starkly contrasting themes, and this is just a testament to the versatility of the Megaways slot mechanic.

Megaways Slots At Lottomart

Due to the impact the Megaways mechanic can have on any slot game, it has become a fan favourite addition to both players and developers alike. Consequently, we here at Lottomart offer a wide range of these titles, each of which varies in terms of its receptive thematics and unique bonus features. Some of the Megaways titles are also online jackpot slots too, with Big Time Gaming’s creation being able to be implemented alongside a whole host of different mechanics too!

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