Scratch Cards were rather rudimentary in the heady days of the mid-1970s. Scratch Cards in those early days featured simple themes like fruits, numbers and playing card symbols that were simple to understand. As Scratch Cards exploded in popularity, they also evolved to cater to different trends and interests, expanding their popularity even more and drawing wider audiences. Scratch Cards began to be themed around sports, pop culture, fantasy, mythology, history, travel, and more, and the advent of Lottomart site.

Alpine Escape

Alpine Escape = one of two in the “Escape” series of Scratch Cards, Alpine Escape leverages the seasonal/holiday theme to showcase beautiful skiing imagery, evoking a spectacular trip to a European snow-peaked mountain range. The theme is reinforced by symbols such as snowmobiles, log cabins, fireplaces, mittens and even a snowman. Cards start at just 50p and wins of up to £20,000 are possible. Gameplaywise, the card has two areas with a coating under which symbols hide. The first area is just above the main 3×3 grid, and the idea is to scratch the star. Players win a prize if they uncover a snowflake symbol underneath. The second area is the 3×3 grid. Matching three identical symbols is required to win a prize.

Tropical Escape

Tropical Escape = the second in the “Escape” series of Scratch Cards, Tropical Escape keeps the same gameplay mechanics and card prices as its wintry sibling but trades the snow-capped summits of the Alps for the tropical climes of the Caribbean, evoking the stunningly beautiful sun-soaked beaches of a tropical paradise getaway, with symbols that include aeroplanes, yachts, beachballs, sand castles, and more.


Cleoscratcha = one of two in the “Scratches” series of Scratch Cards, and invoking the hugely popular Ancient Egypt theme (one of the most popular in the history of iGaming), Cleoscratcha invites players to travel back in time to the land of gods and pharaohs and meet the Queen of the Nile herself, with symbols like scarab beetles, pyramids, ankhs, cartouches, and more, further reinforcing the theme! Individual Scratch Cards start at £3 for a potential maximum £150,000 win. Cleoscratcha is a game of two halves. First, players scratch the coating on the horizontal line of sun symbols across the top of the play grid. This reveals the winning number symbols for that particular card. Second, players scratch the urns in the 4×3 grid below. Players win a prize should the numbers match. Finding 2x, 5x or 10x multipliers will multiply all winning prizes as well. The theme at hand is also a factor behind ‘What Makes The Egyptian Slot Genre So Popular‘.


RainbowScratches = the second in the “Scratches” series of Scratch Cards, RainbowScratches follows its Ancient Egyptian sibling in terms of gameplay mechanics and card prices. The main difference is that the former adopts a gorgeous Celtic theme complete with a mystical forest, gold pot and (of course) rainbow. Symbols like leprechauns, harps, shamrocks, horseshoes, wishing wells, and more, reinforce the theme. You can’t get more Irish than that!

Its not just these scratch cards that offer something unique though, with there being a whole host of other ones that offer distinct gameplay elements. Cash Factor is one collection which is especially popular, with there being ‘A Guide To Cash Factor Scratch Cards‘ on site should you wish to check this out.

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