One thing that is synonymous with casinos is slot games, these simple machines have been staples within establishments for some time now, and online casinos have an extensive collection that only continues to grow. Although not as popular as they were before, physical casinos and slot games still remain, despite being overshadowed by online slot games nowadays, and in an attempt to understand why this is the case, we will be breaking down all the differences between online slots and physical slots.

The Origin Of Slot Games

Slot games actually have a long and extensive history, with the first ever one dating back over a century. This was known as the Liberty Bell and was created by Charles August Fey back in 1891. This was a simple 1 row and 3 reeled machine which had one sole payline, however, its fully automated payout system was its key aspect. The Liberty Bell featured various different symbols, including horseshoes, card suits and a cracked liberty bell, and this is where its name was derived from.

This served as the main template for all future slot machines that were to come, and in 1907, the similarly named Operator Bell set yet another record. This was the first ever fruit machine that featured the ‘BAR’ symbol that is now synonymous with casino games. However, due to gambling restrictions that were widespread throughout America around the time of creation, these often paid out candy and other similar prizes.

Both of these aforementioned machines were mechanical, and it wasn’t until 1964 until the first electronic slot machine was created, this was called money honey and these slots could implement more features than ever before. As technology progressed, video slots became the norm, with their digital displays only contributing to their popularity.

Many aspects can be derived from video slots, however, the most common ones today are all online, with the online casino industry exploding in popularity following the turn of the millenia, partially down to the rise of the internet and online sites.

What Are The Main Differences Between Physical And Online Slots?

Although physical and online slots follow a similar gameplay blueprint, there are actually a number of differences between the two. One of the main things is the accessibility, with online slots not requiring players to be present within physical establishments in order to play these games. The mobile accessibility has been a driving factor behind their popularity, with many mobile casinos now prioritising this aspect.

Although physical slot machines also feature bonuses, online slot games tend to have more freedom in terms of gameplay design. Megaways slots and online jackpot slots are a great example of this, with online slots being able to integrate various innovative gameplay mechanics in order to provide fresh gameplay experiences. Due to this difference, the selection of online slots is also dramatically larger than in house casinos, with online casinos not actually being limited to physical space when it comes to housing games.

Online Slots At Lottomart

If slot games are your preferred form of online casino game, then here at Lottomart we house a vast collection of these, with each and every one presenting its own unique gameplay design and accompanying visual thematics. What’s more, all of the mobile casino games on site are optimised for a range of device options, with this being one of the key differences that does not apply to physical slot games.

Should you wish to check out any online slots for yourself, you could take a look at our breakdown on ‘What Makes A Good Online Slot‘ beforehand.

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