Online blackjack is a digital rendition of the classic casino card game that has been a staple in the casino world for many years. Its enduring popularity is due to its blend of strategy and luck, and there is now a vast array of online blackjack options, each offering its unique spin on this timeless favourite. Due to there being so many different variations, we have selected some of the best online blackjack games for you!

How To Play Blackjack Online

Before delving into online blackjack games, we must understand how to play traditional blackjack. Put in the simplest of terms, players aim to beat the dealer by having a hand value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Initially, two cards get dealt to the player, from which they can choose to “hit” (draw another card) or “stand” (keep their current hand). We also have an ‘Online Blackjack Betting Guide‘ which delves further into the overall gameplay of this classical casino game. Digital versions of blackjack faithfully recreate this experience, and now we will explore some of the best online blackjack games available.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack by Switch Studios is based – unsurprisingly perhaps – on blackjack played using the European ruleset. More specifically, European Blackjack uses the traditional French ruleset using 2 standard decks. Doubling down is limited to numbers 9, 10 and 11, and splitting is allowed only once. As an aside, Switch Studios is the company tasked with developing all of Microgaming’s online table casino games. Players looking to play classic blackjack using the European ruleset will be happy to learn that there are no extra or fancy rules here, just the classic card game distilled to its purest essence; the game’s clean and minimalist visual presentation reflects this.


Blackjack, AKA First Person Blackjack, is Evolution Gaming’s attempt to recreate the classic casino card game as faithfully and accurately as possible in a tasteful and elegant virtual 3D setting complete with green baize. Blackjack uses the American ruleset with few gameplay changes or alterations, the only significant additions being the popular Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets:</p>

Perfect Pairs = players get a chance to win should their first two cards comprise any pair of identical cards from the same suit (Perfect Pair), different suits of the same colour (Coloured Pair), or different suits of a different colour (Mixed Suits).

21+3 = players can win if their first two cards + the dealer’s upturned card comprise certain winning combinations.

Players can also play up to 5 hands, allowing them to place bets on one or multiple hands, adding an extra strategic layer. Players looking to play blackjack with an American ruleset plus a few extra frills would do well to look here!

Infinite Blackjack Live

Fancy playing a live table game of blackjack? If so, Evolution Gaming’s Infinite Blackjack Live is definitely a popular choice! The basics haven’t changed. The goal is still to achieve a score of 21 or less and make the dealer go bust. In between, you can do all the usual betting, standing, hitting, doubling down, and more. What makes this title unique is the live gameplay portion. Players can sit in with an unlimited (infinite, if you will) number of players worldwide. Each player then takes on a real-life dealer in one-on-one competition, although it’s possible to communicate with other players via the chat function. The main additions to the standard Blackjack gameplay are the title’s four main side bets:

Any Pair = Players bet on the combination of the first two cards in a hand.

21+3 = Players get a chance to win if their first two cards + the dealer’s upturned card comprise certain winning combinations.

Hot 3 = Players bet on the combination of three cards (two from your hand and the dealer’s upturned card from their hand).

Bust = players bet that the total value of the dealer’s cards will exceed 21.

All in all, Infinite Blackjack Live is the game for players who want to experience something a little different to the traditional American and European rulesets!

Play Online Blackjack At Lottomart

Everything considered, the world of online blackjack offers a rich selection of online table games, ensuring there’s something for every player, from the purists who prefer standard blackjack to those looking for more nuanced variations with live elements. 

The specific titles we have mentioned are just a handful of the options available to play at Lottomart. These titles – like all online casino games – involve real money gameplay. Therefore, you must employ responsible gambling practices.

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