Slingo games are a unique fusion of bingo and slot games that operate on a 5×5 game grid containing random numbers and a horizontal reel below this. Players spin this reel to get a number that hopefully matches any of the numbers in the 5×5 grid. If it does, it gets marked off. The aim is to mark off complete vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines (called win lines or Slingos) using a predetermined number of spins. Slingo games have special symbols too. For example, the Joker allows players to mark off any number in the column above. Slingo slots can also have additional features and bonuses like Free Spins.

Slingo slots date back to the 1990s, and their popularity has only increased over the 30-odd years since Sal Falciglia created the first one using a 1950s Mexican peso slot machine. The rise of Slingo was helped by the advent of the Internet in the late 90s and early 2002s, from AOL to other gaming portals, then social media and now online casinos. We actually have a full article on ‘The History Of Slingo Slot Games‘ which delves into this subject further.

Today, there are dozens and dozens of unique Slingo games encompassing original and branded titles that showcase Slingo’s adaptability and enduring appeal. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Slingo Starburst

The original Starburst online slot stands as a bejewelled classic in the iGaming space, so it was logical that it would eventually spawn its own Slingo iteration. That vision is here now as Slingo Starburst.

The game features the familiar 5×5 game grid and singular horizontal reel below. Meanwhile, the base game features a diverse symbol set, each with a different function. Or, in the case of the multi-coloured Starburst Wild logo symbol, two functions. First, it plays the role of the traditional Slingo Joker symbol – it allows players to mark any number in the column above. Second, it holds in place for a respin. Other notable symbols include the glowing Free Spin symbol, alongside the purple gem symbol that can award cash prizes. The final symbols worth mentioning are the Super Wild which allows players to mark any grid number and the Blocker symbol. This latter symbol does nothing.

Gameplaywise, players get 10 spins to trigger as many win lines (Slingos) as possible, and the potential rewards increase with every successful one. Reaching the top FULL HOUSE win line unlocks a really cool bonus feature that occurs on the reels of the original Starburst. That means players get a 5×3 game grid with 10 paylines and a win-both-ways mechanic, all accompanied by a regal galactic purple-hued background. The pay table itself features an array of differently coloured gems along with a Lucky 7 symbol and a golden space-age BAR symbol.  

Slingo XXXTreme

Slingo XXXTreme is the follow-up to the original Slingo Extreme game, and both share certain similarities. First, they both offer a fast-paced game of Slingo. This is because the spins play out automatically once a game gets underway (players get 11 in both titles). Second, they sport the same 5×5 game grid and familiar horizontal reel. Third, triggering win lines (or Slingos) requires matching 5 numbers along a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. Fourth, they feature the same symbol set of Jokers, Super Jokers, Devils, Free Spins, and Coins.

Where Slingo XXXTreme trumps its predecessor is in terms of theme and bonus features. The theme, first. The original featured an opulent, almost art deco-type red background with streams of light emanating from behind the game grid. The sequel, however, opts for a red-hot background complete with a river of bubbling, boiling lava streaming away into the distance. This sizzling scene continues with a steampunk-looking contraption with 11 bingo balls inside a crystal orb representing the 11 spins you get at the start of the game. Sparks fly off the bingo balls as the contraption whirs and steams!

Slingo XXXTreme has its fair share of bonus features too. With the Joker Bonus, for example, players get an instant cash prize for landing 3 Joker or Super Joker symbols in a single spin. Meanwhile, landing 5 Jokers or Super Jokers in any combination within a single spin will net players the Scatter Bonus that adds a 5x multiplier to your game. Finally, landing a Free Spin symbol on a single spin awards an extra spin of the reel.

Slingo Stampede

Slingo Stampede is the safari-themed game featuring wild rhinos stampeding across the majestic plains of the African savannah. The backdrop shows an open space strewn with rocks and long grass moving in the breeze. Acacia trees on either side of the screen also sway in the wind. In the distance are sloping mountains, and above this, a gorgeous sunset sky with clouds scudding from left to right.

Slingo Stampede is not afraid to mix it up in the layout department either. True, you get the usual 5×5 game grid. However, the game features not one but three horizontal reels, giving players even more chances to match up numbers and trigger potential win lines (these appear on the ladder on the left side of the screen). To balance things out, players get 5 spins as opposed to the usual 10 or 11.

Slingo Stampede also features several symbols, including Wilds and Super Wilds. These are the game’s version of the Joker and Super Joker symbols, allowing players to mark numbers off. Slingo Stampede also features a Free Spin symbol; this does what you’d expect. However, the most important symbol in the Slingo Stampede game is the Rhino Scatter; Landing 3 of these in a single spin can award an instant cash prize.

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