Within the iGaming space are genres and collections that seemingly remain dominant popularity-wise. Some of the most notable ones include the Ancient Egyptian, Fishing and (more recently) the Retro slots genre. To understand what these games are and the reasons behind the rebirth of this genre, all of this will be detailed in this article.

Why Are Retro Slots So Popular?

Before diving into why retro slots are so popular, we must explain what a retro slot is. As its name suggests, a retro slot is a game that bases its entire design on old-school machines that previously dominated the casino space. 

More often than not, these online slots feature stripped-back visual designs and old-school art styles that embody the visuals found on physical machines that once dominated casino floors. Things like fruit machine symbols are often synonymous with these games, with some of the visuals present being the most iconic and recognisable, not just to experienced players but also to newer ones.

The visuals are just one contributing factor to the popularity of this genre, with the more simplistic gameplay formats also being another reason. Nowadays, things like Megaways slots and their dynamic play tables are more predominant than ever. On the other hand, retro slots take things back to basics, often presenting old-school 3×3 or 5×3 play tables that feature lower payline counts. Although this overall design may not seem beneficial, the layouts offer a sense of nostalgia and keep things easy to understand.

The Best Retro Slot Games

Although the retro slot genre is an expansive one that only continues to grow, there are a handful of releases that manage to stand out from the rest. We have selected 3 of the best retro slots currently out there.

Joker’s Jewels

The Joker’s Jewels slot release stems from the iGaming giants at Pragmatic Play. Despite its old-school appearance, this debuted in March 2018, featuring a classical 5×3 set of reels and just 5 paylines. This game replicates an old-school physical slot machine, with the segments painted with deep purple textures highlighted with gold. 

Across the reels, there are 8 different symbols comprising coloured gems, juggling pins, a lute, some pointed shoes, and a jester hat, rather fitting considering the name of this game. There is just one bonus symbol per se, that being a crown, but this negates payline structure instead of presenting any over-complex modifiers to keep this game simplistic as a whole.

7s Deluxe Repeater

Next up is the 7s Deluxe Repeater slot that’s part of the 7s Deluxe slot collection. These games are all retro-inspired, but compared to previous releases, the Repeater variation opts for a 5×3 play grid. As this game is a product of Blueprint Gaming, their usual graphical expertise is on full display, with the art style of the fruit symbols and the fiery backdrop remaining relatively simplistic but detailed at the same time.

There are 10 paylines in this release and some flaming 7 symbols which could potentially substitute for one another. This is not the unique bonus in the 7s Deluxe Repeater slot either, as the 3 central reels and rows get framed separately. Landing a combination within these parameters could bypass the first reel, paying homage to the original 3×3 play table design from previous releases.

Reel Rush

The final popular retro slot to mention is the Reel Rush slot from NetEnt. Although the play table design isn’t exactly retro, featuring a 5-reel, 5-row layout, it is more the graphics which make this release one of the retro slots out there. The visuals decided to adopt a pixelated art style, with all of the symbols being vibrant fruits which draw influence from retro machines.

The gameplay remains relatively stripped back, only featuring a Wild symbol and Free Spins round in terms of bonuses, both frequent additions to many online casino games nowadays.

Play Retro Slots At Lottomart

These games are just a handful of retro-inspired releases we house here at Lottomart, with there being a plethora of alternative titles which take more retro-inspired approaches. Despite the old-school influences many of these draw from, each game still manages to present its own unique gameplay and design aspects that set it apart, with some even incorporating more modern mechanics to break the boundaries between retro and new generations of slots.

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