Vampires, werewolves, witches, and ghouls creeping around the remains of ruined Gothic mediaeval castles or graveyards have left an indelible mark on pop culture throughout the decades. From books and literature to films and TV shows to fashion and music, the classic monsters never die. Online slots developers understand this too. That’s why more and more online games revolve around things that go bump in the night. And who doesn’t like a good scare now and again? Gothic-themed slots haven’t exactly become mainstream, but like the monsters that haunt their reels – Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and more, there’s plenty of life in the genre, even if it hasn’t exploded like fishing, Irish Luck, Ancient Egypt or mythology yet.

How do these games differ from others?

Gothic-themed slots are designed to transport players to an otherworldly place of Gothic architecture filled with eerie castles, forbidding forests, and mediaeval villages haunted by all manner of ghouls and ghosts, all shrouded by a suitably chilling atmosphere as thick and pervading as the fog that rolls in from the sea in the dead of night…

It goes without saying that aesthetics are crucial in gothic-themed slots. Usually, the visual design gets characterised by intricate details, ornate symbols, and a colour palette dominated by shades of black, deep reds, blues and purples. Gothic-themed slots also feature diverse characters and themes that take inspiration from classic literature, horror legends, gothic art, and more. They can feature immortal creatures of the night, like bloodsucking vampires and werewolves, or invite players to explore ancient cursed artefacts or hidden crypts and temples. Other gothic-themed slots can take a more light-hearted approach, particularly those themed around Halloween. Symbols naturally also reflect the darker aesthetics of gothic-themed slots. Beyond the atmospheric design, gothic-themed slots can offer thrilling gameplay features like putting a new spin on traditional bonus rounds like Free Spins and offering innovative features based on the gothic theme.

The Best Gothic Themed Slot Games

At Lottomart, we have a haunted castle’s worth of spooky slots and gothic titles to explore. So here, take the key to the crypt and let’s move to the shadows below. Never mind the screams and the cold shiver running down your spine. You’re always in good company here…

Immortal Romance

Microgaming’s 2019 classic Immortal Romance is a tale of dark romance with a vampire twist starring Michael and Troy as the two male bloodsuckers and Sarah and Amber as their potential blood donors. As such, it has all the hallmarks of a gothic-themed online slot, including a suitably dark atmosphere. The game uses a 5×3 game grid, 243 paylines and a maximum potential win of 12,000x the stake. Symbols comprise a castle, quill and parchment, candle and an old and dusty library. The game is seemingly also inspired by The Vampire Diaries TV series – Michael and Troy bear an uncanny resemblance to certain characters from the show. The slot’s centrepiece, however, is its Chamber of Spins bonus, featuring not one but four Free Spins rounds, one for each of the four protagonists. Each one is slightly different too. For example, Amber’s Free Spins round starts with 10 spins and a 5x multiplier, while Troy’s features 15 spins and vampire bats that turn symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers. As one of the most popular gothic-themed games (and online slots in general), there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here.

Pentagram Slot

At first glance, Realistic Games’ Pentagram seems to be all about devil worship, particularly in the Free Spins bonus round where a pentagram symbol rises from a well inside a temple and spins on its axis while sinister music plays… However, look beneath the Satanic imagery, and you’ll see a classic fruit slot machine with all the accoutrements that come with it. Simplicity is one of Pentagram’s key tenets – it uses a 3×3 game grid with 5 paylines and a maximum potential payout of 250x the stake. However, the slot still offers plenty of thrills and excitement thanks to the (aforementioned) Free Spins feature and only concession to modern slot games (apart from the setting).

Voodoo Temple Slot

Blueprint Gaming’s Voodoo Temple is all about black magic… voodoo style (naturally). The slot adopts a 5×3 grid layout with 243 paylines and a max potential win of 20,000x the stake, while the action occurs against the backdrop of a voodoo shack. Symbols comprise coloured gemstones, potions, cauldrons, skulls, bone pentagrams and the high priestess herself. The atmosphere is dark and brooding, the music sinister and mysterious, punctuated by clanging bells, chanting and a steadily rhythmic drumbeat. The main bonus feature is a Free Spins + Multiplier round with stacked Wild symbols.

Gothic Themed Slots Summary

The above three slot games represent some of the most popular gothic-themed UK slots and showcase the wide range of themes within the genre, whether that’s classic horror icons, voodoo, pentagrams, special days, and more. Fans of gothic literature and horror aesthetics seeking an immersive gaming experience with a touch of darkness (both literally and figuratively) will find a lot to love in the vast array of gothic-themed online slot games we have here at Lottomart.

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