Slingo, a distinctive fusion of bingo and slot games, has experienced a steady surge in popularity since the 1990s. Notably, the rise of the Internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s played a pivotal role in propelling the fame of Slingo as it transitioned through various digital landscapes, from AOL to diverse gaming portals to its subsequent integration into social media, to its eventual establishment within the realm of online casinos. These days, players can play a diverse array of Slingo games, encompassing original creations, licensed titles, and inventive Slingo adaptations of traditional slot games. This extensive selection of games showcases Slingo’s enduring relevance, captivating nature, and alluring appeal as a distinctive and engaging alternative to conventional slot games. And it’s because of the unique nature of Slingo slot titles that the tips that work for traditional online slot games might not necessarily work for Slingo.

How Does Slingo Bingo Work

First, a quick breakdown of how Slingo slots operate. Slingo games are a unique and exciting amalgamation of bingo and slot game mechanics, unfolding within a 5×5 grid filled with random numbers from 1 – 75. Beneath this grid lies a horizontal reel (some games have more than one), adding an extra thrilling layer to proceedings. The idea is to spin the reel in anticipation of landing a number that aligns with any figure in the 5×5 grid. Upon a successful match, the corresponding number gets marked off. The ultimate aim is to complete vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines (known as ‘win lines’ or ‘Slingos’) within a predetermined spin count. The number of win lines/Slingos players can land is normally shown on a table or ladder on the left side of the screen.

Like traditional online slot games, Slingo slots have their own bonus symbols. For example, landing the Joker (sometimes known as the Wild) symbol allows players to mark off any number in the column directly above it. Additionally, Slingo slots may feature bonuses like Free Spins and other rewarding mechanics. This intricate blend of elements creates an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience that sets Slingo apart from other iGaming forms. It’s important to understand the gameplay mechanics before playing a Slingo game. Each title might have slightly different rules, spin count, cash prize payouts, symbols, and bonus features. Be sure to check out the information page in each game before playing.

If you are still confused with how Slingo Slots work, we actually have an article which breaks down ‘Slingo Slot Games vs Online Slot Games‘.

Utilise Bonus Symbols Wisely

As mentioned, most Slingo Bingo games feature a certain set of symbols. The most common are the Wilds and Super Wilds (AKA Jokers and Super Jokers). Wilds permit players to mark off a number in the column directly above. Landing a Super Wild allows players to mark off any number, no matter the column it’s in. There’s a certain strategy for deciding what number to mark off. It normally takes 3 – 4 win lines/Slingos to reach the cash prizes, so players will want to mark off a number that will most directly and quickly lead to creating one. One symbol that players won’t want to land is the Blocker or Devil one, as this does nothing apart from stall progress.

Choose The Right Slingo Bingo Slot

Like online slot games, Slingo slots have bonus features. One of the most oft used is the Free Spin one, triggered by landing a Free Spin symbol. Unlike in traditional slot games, however, landing this symbol gives players an extra spin. So, if they had 5 left, they now have 6 instead. 

Slingo slots can have other bonus features. For example, Slingo Stampede has an iteration of the Scatter symbol, and landing a certain amount in a single spin can lead to an instant cash prize. Other games – Slingo Sweet Bonanza, for example – have bonus symbols with multipliers attached to them.

Other Slingo games have bonus features that allow players to play a slot game on traditional reels with paylines, symbols, etc. This applies specifically to Slingo games adapted from online slots. Achieving the FULL HOUSE win line in Slingo Starburst, for example, triggers a bonus feature that plays out on the classic Starburst slot reels, complete with a purple-hued galaxy background. The bonus feature also comes with 10 paylines, a win-both-ways mechanic and a pay table comprising different coloured gems, a Lucky 7 symbol and a gold BAR symbol. The same happens in Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo.

Slingo games have more than their fair share of bonus features – free spins, multipliers, special symbols, etc. They also encompass a range of themes and genres, from nautical to folklore to fishing to mythology. Some are original creations; others are based on existing slot games like Reel King and Centurion or branded TV shows like Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Which ones you should play depends on your own preferences and what themes and bonus features most take your fancy.

Practise With Free Slingo Bingo Demos

Before playing any Slingo Bingo game for real money, we recommend playing demo versions of the same so you can familiarise yourself with the rules, nuances and gameplay of each title. One website we recommend for this is Slingo Originals. Not only do you have access to demo versions of all available Slingo games, but each title comes with an info tab with information on how to play them.

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